About Me

Claudia Naen is a Textiles designer and artist. She explores themes of nature, culture and gender within her work and creates pieces which aim to stimulate emotion and intrigue. Claudia studied at Chelsea College of Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Textiles Design, specialising in Knit.

Her process involves exploring surface texture and three-dimensional structures, using domestic and industrial knitting machines and a sewing machine to create sculptures, spaces and objects. She begins her work through exploring her surroundings, photographing, creating two-dimensional collages, drawing, painting and winding to gain a sense of each project, this then develops into experimentation and creation of final fabrics. Through her practice Claudia has developed a passion for colour and dyeing, with colour being the main focus of her work, experimenting with both chemical dyes and natural dyes to create unique and sophisticated colour palettes. 

An artist always looking to collaborate and bring her work to life through dance, theatre, film, exhibitions and photography. Please feel welcome to contact with any enquiries. 

She currently resides in the Cotswolds and runs her own small clothing business called Tapuh. She has shown work in both London and Paris. 






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