Tapuh Clothing

A slow fashion clothing and art brand created by Claudia Naen to promote a seasonless wardrobe and inclusive clothing that stands against fast fashion.

Tapuh was created by Claudia Naen in October 2020 and runs on a primarily made-to-order basis keeping the supply chain as sustainable as possible through fair working ethics and sustainable material sourcing. Claudia believes clothes are more than just fashion and trends. As well as being something to cover you, keep you warm or cool, they are a form of expression, freedom and comfort. With this in mind she creates small collections which hold the same signature silhouettes and re-imagines them in new fabrics. Claudia works with both new sustainably sourced fabrics as well as sourcing deadstock and overstock fabrics to create her pieces. She is currently developing a project within Tapuh to promote visible mending, garment longevity and the use of leftover fabric stock. 

Tapuh is a brand open to art collaborations, please get in touch via the contact page on this website or email: tapuhclothing@gmail.com

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Video (left) - Tapuh S/S 2021 IN BLOOM Collection:

Shot by: Stef Martin

Music by: Toby Withers

Styling: Claudia Naen

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